Sunday, 22 November 2015

Ethen, the Invisible Elephant

Once upon a time, there lived an 
invisible elephant named Ethen. She was not any normal elephant, instead, she was a myth. People used to call her a symbol of truth and honesty. 

Soon, Ethen was tired of having to be invisible and still having to help people. She then planned to have a discussion with all the other myths she knew. As far as she knew, even her friends wanted to go to the world. 

So they went to the world and then they visited each house in the country and gave everybody sweet and nice dreams.


  1. I really enjoyed this story, Rhea! It made me laugh too!

    I like the idea of a mythical elephant that is a symbol of Truth and Honesty. I also like the idea of her wanting more than that - to come into the world.

    Do you know the story of
    the blind men and the elephant?

  2. Fantastic!

    For me, the first paragraph is even enough to stand on its own. I particularly like how the words "used to" open up so many possibilities for what happened to these people and how they lost, rejected, or re-purposed their symbol of honesty.

  3. Thank you so much for that comment Mr Gregg

    1. I was glad to see my friend Joshua commenting too!

  4. No.I do not know that story.