Monday, 30 November 2015


Look at all the wonderful paper snowflakes Year 4 have been cutting!

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Volcanya Again

Remember Volcanya in the forests? The girl who was scared? Well, she teleported to her road somehow, anyway for once she noticed that something was wrong , and someone was waiting for her, but as she got closer it was... "a bird ?" she asked herself out loud. 

Just then, the birds moved and she screamed as hard as she could and ran for her life. Unfortunately, it was only the wind. She kept running as fast as she could until her gut hurt. She was so tired that she slept on the hard pavement, and on she slept.

My German Day

Sunday I went to Pibrac. In the German market I saw Pablo, Rodrigo, Telmo and Miguel, Manu Cristina, Chloe and finally even Mrs Baldwin and Mr Baldwin. We had great fun together and we built our house next of lots of dumped and little trees.We did Christmas angels with white cotton. After that we ate sausages and ketchup. Here is a photo of my sister and me.

The Mysterious Electric Ghost

Once upon a time in a house in Lokahama in the forest of Oh Wa Hoh there was a see-through house with see-through furniture and a clock which told the wrong time in December.  The ghost is called Marcus and he spells it like this: marcus .  He can slither through everything and become invisible but cannot fly through clouds and through running water. A bad professor came to his house and was killed by Marcus’s strong electric shock. Marcus is kind-hearted, friendly and loves tea parties. He is always cheerful and adorable when he is at the parties.  Everybody likes him.  He loves sewing cuddly toys of himself.             

The Temple

Once there was a temple with a big chandelier that has a big pointy end to it. There was also a really tall women singing. Then the women kept singing and singing around the room, but in Greek. Then the women looked up and saw an umbrella.  The women was puzzled and she stopped singing.  She kept looking at the umbrella slowly falling down to the ground like a feather.  She thought why is this temple so weird now that there is a window nobody can look through because it's so high above the ground.  She looked around the room and she saw a lot of workers working everywhere.  She said to the workers, "What is going on around here?"

A worker said, "We're fixing the temple."

"Oh, sorry to bother you," said the women in a kind voice. She then danced and sang her way to the temple exit, because she was so happy that the temple she grew up in and loved the most was getting fixed.

Friday, 27 November 2015


We've been creating 3D shapes with Polydron.

We have tested Euler's formula of
Faces + Vertices - Edges = 2
and found it worked!

The formula is written as: F+V-E = 2

We then made some polyhedrons of our own. These are 3D shapes that have only straight edges and flat faces.

We then checked that Euler's formula worked for our shapes. You'll be pleased to hear it did!

Points of View

We listened to the story of Elegba.

The two farmers had different "points of view".

We looked at a few examples of how you can see the same thing differently.
Duck army and Rabbit army don't realise they have the same flag!

The same object could have two different-shaped shadows
Half the class saw this as gold and white, half as black and blue.
The same sculpture can be seen as a square or a circle, 
depending on your point of view!

We wrote a sentence or two about different points of view:

Jinmin's amazing Rubik's skills!

Paul Klee picture story

Once a time, a girl went in the jungle to see if elephants who speak exist.
So she walked and walked and suddenly she heard a voice rather bizarre. 
She followed the noise. And she saw a boy:
“hello who are you?” she said.
“Tarzan” he said…
”can you help me please” said the girl.
“Yes” he answered.
“I am looking for elephants who speak”.
And Tarzan pulled the girl up a tree.
”Where are you dragging me?”...

At the hightest branch was a tree-house, they slid down on a slide and saw lots of elephants. She was happy to find them and  to speak with them!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Maze

Once a TV man was in a maze. He was very very sad. He was wet and if you touched him you would get an electric shock, because the electricity doesn't like getting wet!!! He was there for me I think 90 years but that is not all, the worst thing was that on the other side of the maze there was a park, and children came into the maze with water pistols and sprayed him. One day the TV man saw a real live Lego person. The Lego person said in a squeaky voice "Are you stuck?"........To be continued.

The Beady Eye

Once there was a beady eye in a knothole. At first it looked like a mouse hole. It was in a very tropical forest with lots of twigs and other trees and things like that. It is very dangerous for little creatures like a mouse. There were gigantic animals like a gorillas, killer whales that can swallow 999999999999 fishes (all kinds) in one go!!! There was a lake just next to the very tropical forest. Suddenly, the ground started to shake and tremble and a booooooooooooooooooooooooooom and a bang and a crash and a thud. The eye had seen something...

To be continued…

Second Story

Once a twice a time...
Remember Fiona Tiny Feet? And she bought the Emerald ring? Well, this is her second story!

On the 12th of December 2084 the king and queen died. In their will they said Fiona Tiny Feet would take their place and their money with her family!

After Fiona had her 20th birthday she fell in love with Napoleon Bonaparte. Their marriage was on the 29th of January. T
hey did not know what family name they would chose, so they chose Littlebon. They had two children called Mia and Sammy! They were very happy to have each other!

Best and Worst spinners

In 4G we had a look at four spinners:
Which one would do "best"? That is, if you were spinning for moves in a game, which would take you furthest? And which would be worst?

We discussed this, and wrote down what we thought:
Then we tried it out. We spun each kind of spinner 25 times, and, using Cuisenaire rods to keep track, we saw what total score we got:
Here are our results, and some of our thoughts about what happened:
We noticed that the 2-4-6 spinner did best both times. Rhea, Hannah and Tibo shared ideas about why this was so:
This one has just even numbers.
But why did the bottom left one only give us 81 (two times!)?

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

a burning temple

On a hot day in a jungle, an adventurer named Sophie with her 7 friends, discovered a temple behind trees. It looked like it came from the time of the Romans. They found a door; as it was old it took a lot of effort to open. They found 4 paths and split into pairs but 7 is a prime number. Sophie had to go alone. As Sophie wandered into the darkness she heard a scream. She smelt fire. she realized that the temple is full of traps and one of her friends was caught in one.

To Be Continued...

Escape from the Zoo

One day it was holiday and the children didn’t have school, so every child went to the nearby zoo.

One day it was day time and an elephant ran away from the zoo.  It was published everywhere on the television, in the news and in the magazines.  So they decided to look around the whole town and search for him.  In the end they found the elephant, he was with a boy that nobody knew.  The boy decided to take it but the zoo keeper wanted it too.  So the boy gave some money and he kept the great elephant.

A Young Lady's Adventure - 4B

Here are the wonderful Young Lady's Adventure hundred-word stories created by children in 4B, based on Paul Klee's painting. (You can see 4G's book here.)

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Enchanted Castle

The man opened a golden and damaged door of an uninhabited castle. In a dark and gloomy corridor, he observed around him, and spotted a time machine. Where do you think he is going? The pale man turned the key of the time machine and was trapped in an eddy of dust! He climbed petrified the stairs and glimpsed far away another gigantic golden and damaged door!!!!! Without thinking, tense, he entered…His eyes were closed… Opening his eyes, George was in a strange place: a wooden cart with a dark silhouette in it, a broken heart hanged on the wall…

Before the Snow

Once upon a time on a cold and windy day, the beautiful tree loses its green leaves and is replaced by autumn colour.
The sky turns black and storm clouds approach. Looking from afar the tree looks warm in the centre but the blackness surrounding it makes me feel scared and cold.
When I look closer, I think I can see a nest, but who lives in the nest?
I walk slowly towards the tree and notice lots of different colours, but where has the nest gone? It must be mixed with all the colours!
As I get closer to the tree I feel a shiver down my spine and jump as an owl flies above my head out of the tree and into the black sky!

The haunted orange house

A young women with orange hair was in the back seat of a black car no one was driving. The car stopped in front of a creepy house. It started to rain, she took her umbrella from her bag and got out the car. She walked up four steps and knocked the door of the house. The door opened itself with a noisy ‘eeeee’. She did one step and the door closed behind her. A lot of people were busy inside the house, cooking, cleaning and not caring about the young woman - because she was the ghost of the haunted orange house.

The basement treasure

He has found the secret Egyptian signs in the basement of his house, when he was trying to blow down one of the walls to make some space for the new art studio.

Feeling lucky, he has called family and friends to come over to have a look and try to understand what the hieroglyphs mean.

My description of the painting is the following:

  • 5 Egyptian eyes.
  • 5 faces.
  • A shiny sun.
  • A walking TV.
  • One labyrinth. 
  • A portal.
  • A hand.
I think it could describe the different moods during the day.

The Chase

A lady is chasing a girl.
They have been running for years and have been all around the world.
It is an imaginary world with lots of strange shapes.
It is a colourful planet.
The lady is trying to throw a stone at the girl. She wants to stop her so that the girl can’t tell the police that the lady stole diamonds from her house.  
The girl is tired and needs a rest for the night.

She finally gets to the police and they arrest her and send her to a lonely prison for the rest of her life.

Testing the ancient Chinese dice

In 4G we'd talked about an ancient dice that's just been discovered. What we wanted to know was, would it have been a fair dice? Would there be the same chance of it landing on any face?

Luckily, John Golden had made a net for the dice:
Mr Gregg fixed it so that each hexagon and square had exactly the same area, put on the symbols, and added tabs so we could stick it together:
Now we needed to make them:

Once we'd made it, most of us thought it would be a fair dice, but most of  us weren't sure!
So today each pair of us rolled one fifty times.
Here are the results:
What do you think?
It landed on the red squares a little more than the blue hexagons, but it's very close! Perhaps it's fair...