Thursday, 17 March 2016

Charlie, Bevis and Sukie visit

Today we welcomed two artists to Year 4, Charlie Youle and Bevis Martin, and their daughter Sukie. Charlie and Bevis had created some art based on the "factor tree" work we do at IST. Mr Gregg had been to see it at the Préface Gallery in Toulouse, and was really pleased when they offered to come to the school.
at the Préface Gallery
Charlie showed us lots of the sculptures the two of them had created, and the three of them (Sukie too!) explained how they go about creating them - a process that often means working with other people lots. (See their website.)

They showed us photos of some great clay sculptures they had created based on children's drawings of their brains:
Le Cerveau (Gabriel)  Le Cerveau (Nine)
and these wonderful clay "hats":
and all sorts of other wonderful artworks!

We used one of their other ideas, of strange made up mathematical symbols - 
as the starting point for some of our own work, "Alien Maths Boards". We had a look at some maths blackboards (link). All sorts of symbols and diagrams that we don't understand! Maybe one day we might! We had a look at lots more symbols that we don't understand, and made up more ourselves.
Sketching symbols we don't recognise
Then we designed blackboards that we might find in a maths classroom on another planet, and created these with black paper and chalk.
 We think they might go together to make a giant Alien Maths Board. What do you think?
Thank you Charlie, Bevis and Sukie!

UPDATE - the boards:


  1. Wonderful Alien Maths Boards, you all looked like maths geniuses drawing mind-blowing ideas. Thank you again for meeting us - we'll keep in touch!

  2. I really enjoyed working on Alien Maths Board(AMB).

  3. thank you for coming and I really liked seeing what tipe of art you have done