Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mountain road signs

Last week I went with my family in Andorra for our skying holidays.  

The day we were driving back we saw lots of roadsigns that you normally find only in the mountains; here are some pictures of them.

Verglas frequent
This sign tells you that the road could be slippery because of ice. So when it's cold outside (below 0 degrees) you should drive carefully.
Warning falling rocks
This sign tells that the rocks may fall down from the mountains;so you need to keep an eye on the mountain.
Warning slope
This sign tells that the road has a very steep slope; so, when going down, you should keep your feet on the brake.
Verglas frequent sign made out of lego
Finally I had fun building one of the signs with LEGO blocks!


  1. I like what you did in Lego and the first sign we see it quiet often.