Sunday, 20 March 2016

Frank's Good Day on a Farm

 I went to the farm with my church friends and we saw a camel and a goat pinching my animal food.
 Then 3minuits later I saw a swan on her nest making some eggs.

Then I saw a water buffalo and he was tough and they had to put an electric wire and did big poo with insects.
 Then I saw a Mrs Peacock and I had a cigar in my hair some how.

Then I saw a Mister Peacock who was a bit down.

Next, I had a chance to go on a pony ride and one of my friends said if you smack the pony's bottom it would go faster and I did it gently, and I made it gallop off!

Then, we saw a bouncy castle and a trampoline to play on.

Finally, we all got together to go back to the church and have dinner.