Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My holiday in Andorra

In the holidays I went to Andorra to do ski I wined my 6th star and next year I'm going to do competition I skie'd with all the school friends Pablo, Rodrigo, Vega, Telmo, Teresa, Adriana, Pablo v, Ines, Celia and more. We where in a hotel of 4 stars it was so good I did the snowpark and freeride. In Grau Roig a sector near Soldeu were I ski there is a Igloo that in fact it is a hotel. In soldeu there is a lot of circuits for kids in one there is a jump of six meters high that  I did.
Here is me with all my friends!!!!! The next photo is me skiing with Ines


  1. What a fantastic time you must have had with all those friends joining you for your skiing school. Congratulations on winning your 6th star. Is that you on the slalom course? I can only see one person. Good luck in the competition next year!

    1. Thanks Mrs Baldwin but I think after winning Gold I'l do snowboard!

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