Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Wow ... ... Signs and Symbols EVERYWHERE!

Have you ever gone out on the street and go find a bit ( or more ) of signs or symbols...?

Well, have or not, let's look at some signs and symbols (just beneath):

This symbol means you aren't allowed to park there.

This symbol means "stop" ( as in "stop" ).

When you're in roundabouts  there's always a symbol telling you which way to go.
( and in this picture it looks it's that one )

In roundabouts there are also about two more signs ( or more ) and one's a red circle with a white rectangle inside it meaning you can't go that way, the other one means you HAVE TO GO THAT WAY.
When you see this sign it will always be beside a little road.
It means that the road is cut ( at the end.) .

This sign says: "attention there's a railway  a few meters in front of us."

When you are driving there are some symbols telling you the speed limit.  

Every time, before a roundabout  there is a sign telling you there actually is gonna be a roundabout.

Well, now we know about signs and symbols.
( Try find some. )

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