Sunday, 6 March 2016

Road Signs

On my trip to Italy I saw these signs on the highway. I clicked some photos of them. Here are some of the photos and their explanation.

This sign means that there is a tunnel ahead. You can find this sign on the mountain areas. We should switch on the headlights while entering a tunnel.

This sign indicates the speed limit on which you can drive. Here the speed Limit is 90km per hour. On auto routes the maximum speed limit is 130km per hour.

This sign means that some animals might be crossing the road, be careful.

This sign means stop and give way.

The meaning of this sign is that there is a bridge ahead.

This sign tells us that there is a gas/fuel station and eating point ahead. On the sign board you can also see the distance mentioned.

This sign warns the driver and tells him that the road ahead is slippery (in case of snow).

This sign indicates that trucks are not permitted to overtake in this area.

This sign indicates, that there is a round about ahead and give way to the traffic coming from your left.

This is the sign for uneven road.

When there is some work happening on the road, this sign indicates that there are Men at Work.

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  1. Nice post Shriya I saw some of those on the highway to Albi.