Friday, 25 March 2016

Voices in the park: Differences

Before the buildings looked abandoned - they were dark and lonely but now there is life and the different-shaped windows are full of light and colour. King Kong now stands on the roof of one of the buildings.  What were trees that looked old and weak are now full of energy, with glorious trunks and well-shaped branches. There are no leaves still, but I guess it's just not the season. I'm sure they'll grow when it's time. What was a boring old lamppost, now is an exotic flower which lets out a warm, mystical light. Before, the wall colours were pale and dirt was all over the place, but now it's been painted and cleaned. Notice this little detail: There's a heart in the left-down corner. To begin with it was transparent and broken into 2 pieces. Now it's unified and painted a bright red colour. Before, there were sad paintings leaning on the wall. Now, they have come to life and are kissing. Santa-beggar who was sitting by the wall, is now transformed into a Santa-ballerina! Clearly, before it was the street of sadness, and now it's the street of delight!

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