Thursday, 3 March 2016

My trip to Paris Disney land

Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Dates: 26,27 and 28 February 2016
People: Mum,dad,brother & me
Hi we left for Paris Orly airport on 26th Friday evening by an aeroplane from Toulouse and reached Disneyland hotel at 10'O clock on Friday night .
There are two parks in Disneyland:
 1)Disneyland parcs  &
 2)Walt Disney studios
On Saturday we visited Disneyland parcs.
On Sunday we saw Walt Disney studios.
Disneyland was fun.
This is a picture of us with  princess Merida of the  movie "Brave".
First we took pictures with chip munks, then me and my brother went to  star wars tours ride. Later, we all went to a submarine we saw a scary monster octopus. Then we went to the Marie go round and other rides,  it was so,so,so, fun . I liked it a lot. And I wish my friends were there too.You all can go there next holidays if you want to see how fun Disney land is.

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