Thursday, 17 March 2016

The letter B

The letter B was nothing like the one we use today.

The Egyptians invented the letter B like this:
Egyptian hieroglyphic house
They write the letter B "Bet". "Bet" meant "house".

The first people to write a simple alphabet wrote it like this:
File:Proto-Canaanite - bet.png
The Phoenician changed the letter B to be like this:
Phoenician beth

The Greeks wrote the letter B like this:
Greek Beta 16.svg

The Etruscans wrote it like this:
Etruscan B
The Romans wrote it like this:
Roman B
The Roman B is similar to ours.
There was one more change, the little b.
Insular b
This was introduced in Ireland much later on.

So now we have:
Roman B & b

This is the history of Bs.

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