Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Trip To The Auvergne

Day 1

On the 25th of October we went to the Auvergne, it took us 3hrs to get there. First we went to volcan de lemptegy.  We were late for our train so we waited in the gallery and we quite a lot of volcanic rocks. 

Later we went to see a 4D movie of an aeroplane flying over volcanoes and their explosive past. After the movie we went on a train tour into the crater of volcan de lemptegy and on the way we got several stops to explore the amazing views. On one stop we were given the chance to collect some volcanic rocks.

 After the tour we went to a mine explosion which was an animated 4D movie in which we sit in a lift and went down into the mine to meet another Miner and he gets a phone call that an underground close by volcano is soon going to erupt . We bought a box of mineral from the gift shop on the way back . 

Then we went to our hotel and from our hotel window we could see the volcanoes.

We went to Vulcania and rented an English audio-guide. We went to many places including the earth's rage, magma explorer, the awaking of the Auvergne giants, Dragon ride, the planet unveiled, the volcan bul and first flight.   

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  1. Wow! Thanks for posting this Maryam! Great to see the photos of you there!