Sunday, 8 November 2015

Spooky Halloween Cat Face

My spooky Halloween Cat Face

Estimate how long it took to paint my spooky Halloween Cat Face......

The white background took = 6 minutes
The right black eye took  = 5 minutes
How long do you think the left black eye took?  =    minutes
How long do you think the nose took?  =    minutes
How long do you think the whiskers took? = minutes

Add up your estimates and the times I gave you to get a total

How long do you estimate my face painting took in total?

21 minutes


  1. Very nice, Bea... thanks for sharing.

    My estimates:
    Left Eye - 5 Minutes
    Nose - 2 Minutes
    Wiskers - 3 Minutes


  2. Great post Bea. I like the way you helped us find the total answer by breaking up different parts of the face into 'areas' and then helping us to know what to do with those answers. Super Maths work.